Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last night Railie and I had an interesting conversation about her new favorite TV show. She had taken a late nap, so I knew that her going to bed at a reasonable time was my fantasy, not so much hers. Our talk went like this...
Mom: Time for bed Rai.
Railie: I want to watch my show.
Mom: Your shows are over it's dark outside.
Railie: No it's not there's moonshine.
Mom: Nice try. Bed time.
Railie: I want to snuggle and watch Marfla.
Mom: (Cracking up) Fine, we can watch a bit of Martha.
Railie: Mom, I want to tell you a question.
Mom: Okay???
Railie: Do you think Marfla would be my friend?

What kind of crazy monster am I creating? The kid LOVES Martha Stewart. Maybe I am actually influencing her life for good. Or not.


Jennifer P. said...

My children were intrigued by Martha Stewart too. I think it's that she talks very slow and methodically, and they show a lot of close ups on her hands---kind of like Mr. Rogers (only she's mean!).

Gramma said...

Let's see if we can do better Railie!