Saturday, January 19, 2008

On a cold winter's day...

Railie found the scraps of rubber from the stamps I was mounting and asked if she could make magic with them. I said (hesitantly, this IS Railie we are talking about), "Sure.?." This is how she came to see me a little later....evidently this is magic to a three year old. Who am I to argue?

Then, she applied her magic to her sister.
I did get some really fun shots of the two of them loving on each other. Goofy little girlies!


Jennifer P. said...

Kids sure do love to stick stuff on their faces, don't they?! :)--
cute girls!

You're right about the snow--I haven't seen it like this since I was little. I really like it--as long as it all goes away by March!

Have a great week!

Gramma said...

Railie, Railie, Railie!