Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is literally three houses away from me. Thankfully, the mom is in Arizona and the Dad and kids were at his parents house. If there had been school on Monday, he would have been home on Sunday night. They lost a lot. The dad is about 6'8", just like Wes, but has a bit more meat on him. He has to order his shirts to fit. Mom is an artist. She paints beautiful pictures. Thankfully, they had been cleaning out her art room, so some of her finished pieces and the family photos were in the shop. Dad builds the most beautiful things out of wood. The deck he built still sits, untouched by the fire, at the back of the house near the roses he painstakingly grows. The children are 4 and 7. They don't understand where there toys are. They are all thankfull that no one was home.


Laura said...

OH my....my heart goes out to them. But, as you said, they may have lost their material items, but, they are still alive and they have their memories. Oh sad! They are in my prayers.

Jennifer P. said...

So glad that no one was hurt and that a few things were able to be saved.

A few years ago our elderly neighbor next door fell asleep while smoking--and on oxygen. Needless to say she caught her house, and nearly herself on fire. We rescued her and her 3 dogs from the flames and tried to put the fire out, but it had grown too big. So glad my husband was able to get out before her extra oxygen tanks started exploding. Also glad we only lived 1/4 from the fire department. They got there in less than 5 minutes and were able to save most of her house. Scary thing to live through when it's so close to you!

Lee Ann said...

I just found your blog through Jennifer P. I grew up in your town. My parents still live there. Just thought that was interesting.....I now live 400 miles west.