Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potato People

This is Railie, shortly after her 4th birthday. She is a cutie-patootie turd-bird. (Yeah, I know, not a great nickname, yet oh, so fitting...) (The small writing is my tribute to Jennifer P. who is too sick to do it)

This is Railie's version of our family. We are all holding something in our hands. It's on paper!! I wrote our initial by each potato, er, person, so in 50 years, I would know who is who.
Kid art is so much fun. Maybe we'll have to start taking pictures of the walls before we bleach them. Yeah.


Jennifer P. said...

I love kid art too! They are ever so honest :)~

Thanks for working with your fonts for me. That meant a lot :).

And may I say that that is about the cutest rabbit I've ever seen!

and I promise I wasn't ignoring you about the scanner. I'd love to have it. I promise to take a drive out there next month and pick it up. We can meet at the store or something if you'd rather not reveal where you live (totally understand!--I could be a scary guy putting on this very elaborate hoax to get ahold of you! ;)!!!).

apple said...