Thursday, March 20, 2008

Winter Crazies

Here is what I did to my poor old bookcase. It is about 10 years old, purchased at Sam's club right after Wes and I got married. I used to be oak-ish. They I went nuts and painted it black. Then I pealed off the paint, sanded it and painted it again. Yeah. I decoupaged a book onto the back. I felt really bad tearing apart a book, and a hardback at that, but I had two of them and I think I won't be struck by lightening or anything. I hope. It turned out fairly nifty. Sorry for the bad photo. And for no after shots, maybe later.


Laura said...

Very cool to use a book on the back...very neat!!! Looking forward to more photos!

Jennifer P. said...

That looks so cool! i struggle with black paint peeling too, but thank goodness it can always be re-painted :)! Can't wait to see how it looks all booked up!

Sissy said...

Oh I love the book pages. And I am a librarian, so I declare you officially crime-free!