Friday, April 11, 2008

Dressing the Dragon

We call this series of photos Lessons in Patience, as it is sometimes an exercise of will to get Ian's clothes on. It took Papa Ron to do it this time, at Easter. You can just tell by that little smirk on Ian's face what kind of a kid he can be sometimes. (Really, it's only when you have to dress him, he's a great child!!)


Kim said...

Cute series of pictures. I wonder who helped Papa Ron develop that kind of patience? Don't recall ever having seen that kind of smirk on anyone else :) Keep up the good work Ian!

Jennifer P. said...

What is it about children and clothes? Either they love them and change their outfits all day long, or they despise them and fight ya every step of the way. Cute pictures :)!

Laura said...

OH my! Our kids must be related...

Love the series of photos!

Thanks for sharing.

PS..I read how you got the name of your blog and I LOVE IT..and now, whenever I click over I think of my grandparents - they had a stall at the local market...I miss them.

Thank you.