Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun at Our House...

When it starts to warm up, Railie LOVES to go out and play on the front porch. We have some stacked bricks for our walkway that she really enjoys.

Today, she made an oven.
We also like to encourage yard care. Here Emma is teaching Jack to mow the lawn.

See how great he does? Yeah. The Town of Emmett is re-paving the street in front of our house. They spent all last week digging up the road. The man driving the front loader said that as long as we didn't tell anyone where the dirt came from, we could have some. So our story still stands that we have REALLY big gophers. Named Hal. Emma has been making tunnels and faces in the dirt ever since we got it. Railie keeps cooking it. I didn't ask.

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Gramma said...

And so it goes. Happy, healthy kids - this is good. I just read a quote saying something about in the spring one should smell like dirt at the end of the day - guess you don't have any problem there!