Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Missing the City

I LOVE San Francisco! I have always loved big cities. The noise, the people, the energy, the history, the smells, the food! When my sister moved to San Francisco, I got to go once a year. The she moved to San Jose and Wes and Emma got to go visit because the Dr. said I was too pregnant to go. Now she is living in Finland and will be there for another 18 months or so. I am missing the City today.

This is walking down Fillmore Street toward the bay. I love to just take off with my camera and go exploring.

This is a shot of Market Street from Twin Peaks. If you look to the right, you can see the Bay Bridge. Love this city.


Jennifer P. said...

Soooo gorgeous! I know people always talk about wanting to visit California, and probably meaning the Hollywood part. This would be the only part I want to see! It always looks so gorgeous there--and since I hate the heat, the weather and fog look perfect too :)!

Are you planning a trip to Finland? I bet it would be amazing there too. I have a lot of blog readers from Norway, and I LOVE looking at the photos of what they see out their windows. Lovely!

Thanks so much for sharing some lovely photos!

Jennifer P. said...

hmmmm....funny how I type the word "lovely" a lot, but don't often use it in my everyday conversation. Lovely!

micah reinhold said...

I miss San Francisco too!! Come visit me in Finland! Please please please?

Kim said...

She is asking nicely! You need to go visit your only sister!