Sunday, May 18, 2008

Look at ME!

These are the most recent pictures of the kids. They were taken for G'ma Bunny's birthday on May 5th. Trying to gut these three to look in the same direction was interesting to say the least.


Laura said...

OK - this is too cute...and funny...I tried to get my 3 to hold signs saying Happy, Mother's and can do...could not get one good shot!!!!

At least yours are cute and all sitting...not rolling around or beating the snot out of each other!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Gramma said...

Very cute! And a great idea! She bragged about it quite a bit, in fact.

Jennifer P. said...

I think they turned out super cute!!!--very candid!

I would love to hear more about this encounter on facebook.....just 'cause I'm nosey ;)!