Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nine years...

It has been 9 years since I gave birth to this little glow-worm. She was only five days late when my water finally broke, but we had to wait another 27 before she decided to show her squishy little face.

She was so very cute, and a little on the demanding side. She had her days and nights really messed up. (I SO want to look like that again!)
She really enjoyed sleeping on our tummies. She ate every two hours for an hour.
I wouldn't trade any of it. She is my big girl, her daddy's squeaky. My little Lou. I love you. Happy nineth birthday!


Laura said...

Happy brithday to your special little gal - and happy birthing day to you ...hope you both have a wonderful and special day.

Jennifer P. said...

Ah--what a sweetheart! I have tons of pictures sleeping with a baby sleeping on me! Those were the days--the exhausting, hormonal--but happy days :)!

Happy Birthday!