Monday, May 19, 2008


This girl!! She decided to bite her big sister tonight, and left a huge blood blister thing. (Mom, shush!) So she got put in bed and told not to move. So did Emma. Emma may have actually deserved it by the sound of the fighting. Emma came down stairs because she forgot to take her medicine, so of course, Railie followed. She was told not to cross the gate at the end of the stairs and to go back to bed. Yeah, right. "But I want a drink of water!" So I got her some water and gave her the teddy bear, which she snuggled and went to sleep. Right on the pile of laundry waiting to be sorted at the bottom of the stairs.

Why can't they be this sweet all the time?


Laura said...

They all look so sweet in sleep...but we know the truth!!!!

micah said...

It makes sense that you think biting is cute. Should we call Lesley for a second opinion? :-)

Gramma said...

Yeah Micah!