Monday, June 16, 2008

Hami is my Co-Pilot

Meet Hami.

He's cute, huh? He is one of our recent Littlest Pet Shop adoptees. (He's really a Guinea pig, but don't tell Emma.) I had to take him away from Ian the other day in the car, and he ended up sitting right there on the dash looking all cute at me. This way, Ian can see him, but can't taste him. We are all quite protective of our Hami. Wes even had to search for him the other day after he rolled off the dash.

This is Max.

He is our very real hood ornament. Actually, he is on the Dresen's Burb in this pic. He is odd and likes to lie on his tummy all stretched out.

I'm Not Dead...

Just hot. And tired. And my computer thinks it is being funny, but it isn't. Not. At. All.

I want to import photos so I can show you all the fun we had at the Cherry Festival.

It says, "No!"

I say, "Come on, just let me try....? Please?"


"I would warm up your keys with my editing..."

"Fine, but don't expect much more."

So me and Mr. USB Upload Cord, finally got it together. I, as promised, edited to my heart's content. I even sent off a Happy Birthday/Father's Day to my G'Pa. (A day late, sorry.) And now, NOW, what do you think Blogger has to say about all this??????


I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe. (Stupid sassy-pants blogger...)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kirkbride Buildings

I somehow found this website about the beautiful Insane Asylums based on Dr. Kirkbride's direction. These fortresses are still part of many US cities and towns. They are so amazing and gorgeous. Just part of America's forgotten architecture.