Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nummy in my Tummy

Taco Ring, originally uploaded by kristan.ellsworth.

Looks odd, doesn't it. I know. And it needed salsa or sour cream or enchilada sauce something to make it a wee bit more...wet.

I saw the recipe for this in a scrapbooking book. Becky Higgins had made a recipe album including quick and easy fixes.

For this beautiful thing of goodness, you need three simple things:
Cresent rolls (in a can in the fridge section...)
Ground meat
Taco seasoning
(I also added a can of pinto beans)

The rest is easy-peasy:
Cook your ground meat, add your taco seasoning according to its directions. Open you rolls, I used two can thingys. Lay your wedges out on a baking stone or cookie sheet in a circle, make sure there is an empty space in the middle. Put taco meat on your rolls, and wrap them around. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes.

What is your favorite easy-peasy recipe?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


originally uploaded by kristan.ellsworth.

In my family we have this somewhat odd genetic...thing. We walk on our toes. Not all of us, but I do. And my dad sometimes. And my grandma Berenice. And her mom Grandma Bertha, and most of Bertha's sisters, the Eberhart Girls. And my children. Well, at least one of my children. The one on the left - Railie. She wears dirty socks, too.

It isn't like I actually WALK on my toes, I sort of bounce. It makes my ponytail sway like Poe's pendulum. It was really hard to overcome this odd way of walking when I was in marching band and had to: 1) ROLL my feet, 2) make my feet point forward - my knees don't even point the right way and 3) keep my upper body STILL as I moved forward. It was really funny the first few times I tried it. And man, was I sore!

I have had some really great nicknames over the years, too. Everything from "Tippy" (thanks Kellie!) to "ducky" (I don't really remember WHO said it, but I remember it being said). But my greatest achievement was winning the Best Legs award for three years in a row in marching band. That was fun, and a complete shock the first time. I have always tried to hide my legs and my cows (WAY too big to be calves...) but it seems I didn't do so well at that.

So, I guess my children will have to endure the wrath of the Eberhart legs, and embrace them. They are great weapons to use in the event of a tickling match gone bad...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Railie's Birthday Party

So, me, being the great mom that I am, remembered to get Rai the cupcakes she wanted, make her the right new blanket and TOTALLY forgot birthday candles. What, NO FIRE ON MY CUPCAKES????? Oops. Thankfully, Railie isn't too concerned about where the fire comes from, so long as she could blow it out, again and again and again...

She is really funny and has a flair for drama. Her facial expression says it all here. And yes, she was saying, "AH AH AH!"

Followed by, "This is what I always wanted! How did they KNOW?"

She told Grandma Lynn and Papa Charlie that she wanted something to build with. This is her castle that she built on her own, right out of the box.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Railie and Karlee!

Today, Railie is five. Hard to believe my little girlie-girl is getting so big. She is an AMAZING sister (she tries really hard to be) and a good friend. She is very polite, making sure she says please and thank you, and excuse me. She is the most compasionate little creature I know. If someone is sad or hurt, she is usually the first one there, trying to help out. What an amazing child! I love you, Rai! (That is Railie's partner in crime, Grace. They are currently fighting over a play phone and talking to Grace's boyfriend on it!)

This is Karlee. Today is her 16th birthday. She is currently in Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Her family was the first we met when we came to Emmett. Her dad was Railie's first visitor after we brought her home. Her family means the world to me, they have NO idea! I am amazed by their strength. I had the pleasure of teaching Karlee in Sunday School a few years ago. The poor thing was the only girl in a class of 14 year old boys. She is small, but one look from her packs a mean punch! She is a fighter, which is good. She needs to be right now. I know that some of you lurking aren't "churchy" types, but this sweet girl needs your thoughts and prayers. You can go here to learn more.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Itty Bitty Cuteness

Aren't they sweet? I made these for my friend, the Stamp Guru. She is having a baby - a boy, can you tell? Hopefully these will fit his little newborn chicken feet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


There is going to be some construction going on here over the next few days. Just so you know. If you like something - let me know. If you want to throw up or you get really dizzy - let me know that too. And yes, I know, the pinks just don't work with the green. I'm not really sure the green works, either.