Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Railie and Karlee!

Today, Railie is five. Hard to believe my little girlie-girl is getting so big. She is an AMAZING sister (she tries really hard to be) and a good friend. She is very polite, making sure she says please and thank you, and excuse me. She is the most compasionate little creature I know. If someone is sad or hurt, she is usually the first one there, trying to help out. What an amazing child! I love you, Rai! (That is Railie's partner in crime, Grace. They are currently fighting over a play phone and talking to Grace's boyfriend on it!)

This is Karlee. Today is her 16th birthday. She is currently in Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Her family was the first we met when we came to Emmett. Her dad was Railie's first visitor after we brought her home. Her family means the world to me, they have NO idea! I am amazed by their strength. I had the pleasure of teaching Karlee in Sunday School a few years ago. The poor thing was the only girl in a class of 14 year old boys. She is small, but one look from her packs a mean punch! She is a fighter, which is good. She needs to be right now. I know that some of you lurking aren't "churchy" types, but this sweet girl needs your thoughts and prayers. You can go here to learn more.

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Jennifer P. said...

Happy 5th Birthday Railie!!!

I am almost afraid to click on the link you gave for Karli. I don't know that I can handle reading about any more sick kids and feeling so powerless to help. I'll do it though--because I would want people to do it for me!

And those socks were super cute!~