Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Railie's Birthday Party

So, me, being the great mom that I am, remembered to get Rai the cupcakes she wanted, make her the right new blanket and TOTALLY forgot birthday candles. What, NO FIRE ON MY CUPCAKES????? Oops. Thankfully, Railie isn't too concerned about where the fire comes from, so long as she could blow it out, again and again and again...

She is really funny and has a flair for drama. Her facial expression says it all here. And yes, she was saying, "AH AH AH!"

Followed by, "This is what I always wanted! How did they KNOW?"

She told Grandma Lynn and Papa Charlie that she wanted something to build with. This is her castle that she built on her own, right out of the box.

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Clyde and Marty Dillon said...

You won't remember me but I am Dana Dillon Jones' mom, Marty Dillon. We also live in the McCall area. We were such good friends of your inlaws, Renda and Dean. Where are they now? New Mexico? Also, as I was scrolling through the blogspots I recognized Bob and Felicia Loose. Not sure how they are related to you but they lived about three or four houses away from us in Flagstaff, Az! Amazing how we all connect somewhere. In fact, Bob lived with us for a while (short time) until they had to move. Amazing! Please let them all know we are alive a kicking in New Meadows, Idaho. Have been in the McCall area about 8 years from Gilbert, AZ. Tell Wes hi from us. I think my husband was his bishop for a while. Dean was in the Stake Presidency. LOVE THEM!! Sorry to take us so much of your space but I was shocked, to say the least, when I found out who you were and you live in EMMETT! We also have some good friends of ours in Emmett, The Benton's. Best to you and yours, Marty and Clyde Dillon