Monday, April 6, 2009

The Simple Things

Railie ordered these pancakes at a crazy busy restaurant in Scottsdale before we left Arizona. She loved that they were Mickey shaped and had strawberry's and peaches. It reminds me of pancakes as a little girl. My mom, though it may have been my dad, used to make initial pancakes. Having tried shaped and letters a few times now, I am really amazed that they pulled it off. It is much harder than you think as a little kid. I remember my dad making egg burritos on the weekends, always wrapped with a paper towel. More than once I took a huge bite and inevitably bit right into the towel. I think he usually made them on Sunday mornings before church, right before the glasses cleaning ritual. Dad used to stand at the kitchen sink, squinting out at the yard, while he washed his glasses. When he was done with his, he would wash Micah's and then mine (she got hers before I did, so she was always first) once mom got her glasses, she joined us in the early morning ritual. Crazy what memories cute little pancakes bring back...


Marianne said...

Cute! We also made Mickey pancakes for our kids. I even mastered a batter-bow on top and made Minnie! Snow men with blueberry buttons are fun.

That memory of the glasses ritual is so sweet! I think if I did that every day I might be able to see more clearly!

Jennifer P. said...

oooh--yummy! I thought you had made that yourself and was going to be totally impressed----but restaurant food is good too :)

Glad you got home safely!