Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Block Swaps

This was my first time paper piecing.  I am totally hooked now!  Loved it and it was so much easier than I had originally thought.  Whoot!!!

This block is called Twirling Star and is block #26 in the Quiltmaker 100 Block publication.  Holy cow that thing is full of cool stuff!  This is the block that Donna at Allz I'm Sewing is... chose this month.

And who doesn't love geese?  I love their simplicity of the pattern and the complex prints and soothing solid Heidi chose here.

It is the Dutchman's Puzzle from Modify Tradition.  That Heidi chose for her January block.  

These were both a ton of fun to piece.  Can't wait for February!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Quilter's Blessing

May your bobbins always be full
Your batting always be plenty

May your pins stay off the floor
So not to drive the cat nutty

May your seams be the perfect quarter
Your points a pretty penny

(I am not sure where I found this, it is written on an envelope I found the other day, and it seems to be missing a line.)

I wish you much quilty happiness in the new year!